the ballad of nineglaith (descent)

the sky was dark and ominous in the trollshaws. as the thunder rolled through the valley, breaking in waves upon the mountains and the cliffs of bruinen. only hours had past since Nineglaith had set off from the forsaken inn. with her closest friends and allies, Moonriel, Theohero, Faedroth, Elenoreth and Wardemachct. but it felt like days. as nine sat watching from a high cliff over looking the last bridge, she started to churn events over in her mind. how could it have gone so wrong. where were the others?

nine paced back and forth in the basement of the forsaken inn while her elven friend moonriel sat, calmly restringing and tuning her lute. she appeared satisfied with the harmonious melody the lute made and set it aside. and slowly she spoke in her soft but clear tones. “nine im sure she will be here, have you ever know ferthis to be late back from a scout?”

“no i havent” nine replied “and thats what worries me”

“nine my dear friend ” moon spoke softly as she stood up and gently squeezed nines arm ” for all the years ive known you, ive only seen you like this once and that was when rincewindus got dragged before the steward, for being found after hours in the great library of minas tirith”

nine turned and looked directly into moon’s luminous green eyes and whispered softly ” i know, but if somethings happened to her, its my fault and what am i going to tell theo?”

Moon smiled with a sanguine look on her face ” with the same grace and dignity you would tell me if something happened to rince……. at this point the door burst open interrupting moon mid sentence as a elenoreth burst through the door screaming “nine its fer shes been captured…. ” ellie spoke staggeringly as she got her breath back ” she was supposed to me me at the rendevous…………. when she wasnt there i went looking………. durzog has her…… ” moon grabbed elenor, by the shoulders and guided her to a bed roll on the floor “here ele sit here and tell us from the beginning, what happened?”……….


The rain was coming in hard and fast now, dripping off Nines cloak, the horns had started in the distance again. since the meeting in the forsaken inn and the capture of Ferthis, by the Orc cheiftan, everything had slowly gotten worse.

nine sat and wept in despair. over what had happened that night… which is another story for another night my friends…………..

extract from ( the ballads of middle earth aka fried fish and battle- lilnine Brandymoonshineapplecider ) 169 th year of ecthellion (post return).